International Gaming Community Forums Rules

- Register using only one username, and do not "flood" the board with posts that are off-topic. Flooding the board will be considered a denial-of-service attack on the forums and will result in your being banned from the forum and reported to your ISP.

- No cross posting. Post your message once, to the appropriate forum.

- No Pornographic material of any kind - this means not in sigs, not in your posts and not in attachments - ANYONE POSTING THINGS OF A PORNOGRAPHIC NATURE WILL BE BANNED!

- Personal attacks, rudeness, flaming, baiting, insults to others or arguments will not be tolerated.

- No Racist or Discriminatory remarks are allowed. Period.

- No Foul/Obscene Language should be included in posts. THORS THUNDER'S STAFF reserve the right to determine what is offensive.

- No advertising or selling of any kind allowed in the forums, this is not eBay.

- Keep the size of your personal images (SIGS) down.

- By registering on this site you agree to adhere to these guidelines. These guidelines are subject to change and a current version is always available on the forums. Users that violate these rules may be suspended or banned.

Code of Conduct

1. If you are an Admin, Staff member, or a community member both on and off the field. You are expected to conduct yourself in such a manner as not to bring discredit to either yourself nor this community
2. Being playful and having fun is one thing, being obnoxious or rude is another.
3. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that anyone representing THORS THUNDER COMMUNITY is compliance with these rules AT ALL TIMES. Help your brother or sister out when he forgets the rules.

Team killing or abusive behavior by another player
1. If you are on our server and someone starts team killing, inform him that this is not tolerated. After they have 5 TK's, they will automatically be punted from the server.
2. Make no open accusations of cheating while in the servers. If you suspect foul play, direct it to a TTG Staff ( ADMIN) members attention. If none are available, do your best to find a way to identify the culprit and bring it to a TTG Staff members attention at a later time. Document the player's name, time, date, and server (screenshots can be taken by pressing F11) and forward this information to the TTG Staff ASAP.
3. In no way does the behavior of another player give you the right to conduct yourself unbecoming.

Mandatory Banishment From TTG COMMUNITY Servers and TeamSpeak

If you are asked to leave the TTG Gaming Community for any reason, you will no longer be allowed on our servers, to include TeamSpeak. This is non-negotiable and will be enforced immediately upon your dismissal.


Changes in the above must be approved by majority vote of the TTG Staff members. Any changes will be communicated in writing to the squad in a timely manner. Notification of changes will be posted on the appropriate website TTG Forum. It is the responsibilities of all COMMUNITY PLAYERS to know these rules. Ignorance is not an excuse! Again, ALL members of TTG Community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the above rules! Failure to do so may result in removal from the website and servers. Anyone with questions or concerns regarding rules and regulations please feel free to post in the proper place in the forums " GENERAL"

\\Thors Thunder Gaming HQ Staff