Client 1st Virtual Server w/Windows installed Rental Costs (1) 90 days at $1.00 per day = $90.00 (a) Set up fee = $60.00 (b) TOTAL= $150.00 (2) Extras (a) complete server set up with Game of choice in the Joint Operations Novalogic + a Teamspeak server, and wolfrat, ADDED INSTALL FEE = $50.00 Speeds of up to 1000mb down and 1000mb up Choice of Windows 7 or 10 enterprise AFTER 90 DAYS TRIAL SERVER RENTAL Virtual Windows Server Rental per month = $75.00 (with (1) 35 slot Teamspeak server included) =TTG=

  1. Medal of Honor - Spearhead Info

    Medal of Honor - Spearhead
    Getting Started

    Anyone with interest in playing, and have any questions, feel free to pm me.

    Click me to GET MOH-Revival Version 2

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